Exactly about Contraception and Protection – A intercourse Worker’s A-Z

Exactly about Contraception and Protection – A intercourse Worker’s A-Z

In this part you’ll find a guide that is brief the different kinds of contraception for sale in great britain.

This part is supposed for information only – for some forms of contraception you’ll need certainly to visit a doctor, either your personal GP or at a GUM or household planning hospital. You will find down where they are and whatever they offer in the Services element of the website. Because numerous contraceptives include changing hormones amounts in the human body, not absolutely all kinds are suited to everybody else and you’ll need certainly to provide the physician some health information on your self to sort out which one(s) will be perfect for you.

The exceptions to the are condoms and femidoms, that are ideal for pretty everyone that is much are widely accessible. You’ll notice one expression constantly being repeated in this section: “X won’t protect you against STIs, so you’ll still need certainly to use condoms, femidoms or dental dams whenever you’re working”. The product, diaphragms, IUDs, implants and injections could be great types of contraception for the individual life, but they ought to not be any other thing more than an emergency straight right back up for your projects.

Condoms, femidoms and dental dams are barrier methods of contraception, meaning they become a barrier that is physical your bits and theirs. They have been truly the only security you’ve got against STIs like syphilis, herpes, HIV and hepatitis C and therefore are a sex worker’s many tool that is important.

A Note About Bareback

Every intercourse worker happens to be or should be expected for bareback (intercourse with no condom) sooner or later. Continue reading “Exactly about Contraception and Protection – A intercourse Worker’s A-Z”