In Russia, ladies learn the creative art of manipulation

In Russia, ladies learn the creative art of manipulation

Dressed up in black colored, Vladimir Rakovsky glides around aided by the atmosphere of the guru — albeit a self-appointed one — while he holds forth before a small grouping of admiring pupils in the virtues of womanly wiles.

This softly lighted room on the next flooring of the Moscow movie movie theater can be as appropriate a location as any to stage a master course for females on how best to work — literally — to obtain guys, and what they need from guys.

This, in accordance with the true title of Rakovsky’s class, is recognized as stervologiya, or even the art to be a sterva, which in Russian means, literally, “bitch. ”

But wait: this isn’t a bad thing. At the very least it’s this that he states, and also this is exactly what the scores of young Russian women who have actually paid almost $200 to hear him during their six-week program must think.

A sterva, Rakovsky describes, just isn’t somebody who is aggressive or suggest, but an adept manipulator.

“A bitchy woman, it is not something derogatory, ” he states. “It’s an ability to be bitchy. It’s a tool you should use. ”

That such a class exists provides a window in to the brain of several a woman that is young or dyevushka, in Russia today. Many sterva schools have actually exposed in modern times. Some females — obsessed with beauty and status in a culture where 12% of the paychecks, a present study revealed, is allocated to makeup products — have actually flocked for them in hopes of snagging the sort of stable, desirable man an issue here. Continue reading “In Russia, ladies learn the creative art of manipulation”