Can Cannabis Help Patients With Parkinson’s Disease?

Can Cannabis Help Patients With Parkinson’s Disease?

Research reports have recommended that cannabis might enhance rest, tremor, and motor function.

VANCOUVER reports that are—Anecdotal client surveys, and research reports have suggested that cannabis can help treat engine and nonmotor apparent symptoms of Parkinson’s condition. Two studies presented during the International Congress that is 21st of infection and Movement problems further explored this possibility and evaluated the results of oral cannabidiol (CBD) and inhaled cannabis in patients with Parkinson’s illness.


Maureen A. Leehey, MD, Professor of Neurology and Chief associated with Movement Disorders Division during the University of Colorado in Aurora, and peers carried out a phase II, open-label, dose-escalation research to guage the safety and tolerability of CBD (Epidiolex) in Parkinson’s infection. In addition, the scientists looked over additional efficacy measures, including improvement in tremor, cognition, anxiety, psychosis, rest, daytime sleepiness, mood, exhaustion, and discomfort.

Maureen A. Leehey, MD

The scientists enrolled 13 clients who had a rest tremor amplitude score of 2 or greater on item 3.17 of this Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale (UPDRS). They excluded patients who’d taken cannabinoids in the earlier thirty day period or possessed a past reputation for drug or liquor dependence.

Over a 31-day therapy duration, clients received 5-, 7.5-, 10-, 15-, and 20-mg/kg/day doses of CBD. They received the dose that is highest on times 17–31. Clients had clinic visits at assessment, standard, and following the treatment period that is 31-day. Of this 13 clients enrolled, one failed the screening see, another client would not begin the research medication, and another client ended up being from the research medication for just two times. Continue reading “Can Cannabis Help Patients With Parkinson’s Disease?”