Former WSOP Main Event Champ Arrested in Undercover Prostitution Sting

Greek myths mirror real life with tales of success and debauchery, pride and humiliation, and secrets that lead to dastardly results. We all remember poker pro Mike ‘The Mouth’ Matusow’s 2003 cocaine arrest that ultimately led to a six-month stint in Clark County jail on charges of felony possession with intent to sell. In reality, the list of poker player scandals, perhaps not surprisingly, is colorful indeed, and you will add 2004 World group of Poker Main Event champion Greg Raymer to that particular list: he was arrested in early March after responding up to a website advertisement for prostitutes. Unfortunately for him, the ad had been a sting arranged by North Carolina police, in which he ended up being nabbed, one presumes, when he showed up to meet up with his hooker at a police-selected hotel. Raymer is married, and was presumably searching for some action on the part. Even though story originally stated that it in fact was a male prostitution ring, that apparent mistake was quickly amended. Whoops.

Tale Hook

Wake Forest, new york police say that 48-yr-old Raymer ‘was one of six men whom reacted to an advertisement posted by undercover police on a website usually utilized by prostitutes.’

Wake Forest police chief Jeffrey Leonard added that ‘the locations prostitutes decide for this type of criminal activity differ, and seldom remain exactly the same for more than a couple of days at a right t Continue reading

Massachusetts Casino Trends Survey Reveals Some Surprises

Massachusetts Casino Trends Survey Reveals Some Surprises

A survey of more than 3,000 brand New England residents conducted this week by the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth’s Center for Policy Analysis reveals some facts that are interesting Massachusetts’ casino-goer trends, and possibly those of the country as a complete.

Those surveyed spanned five New England states, minus Vermont, and are not exclusively casino-goers. Of these surveyed, however, more than half, 52 %, engaged in some type of gambling, be it casino, lotto seats, or betting on sports.

Only A Few Gamblers

The most interesting result associated with the survey is that of the who visited an area casino, nearly 20 % did maybe not gamble at all, and were presumably drawn entirely by the shopping or dining offered at the casino. This really is a razor-sharp increase from simply six years ago when a comparable survey found that just 7 percent of casino site visitors did not gamble.

Among other findings, it was found that casino-goers are investing less money an average of, and travelling less to reach their gaming destination, no doubt a by-product of this struggling U.S. economy.

‘Convenience gamblers don’t care about bells and whistles, they desire to play slot machines and they want to do it close to home,’ said Clyde Barrow, executive manager for the UMass center, who’s been overseeing the annual survey on area gambling habits for six years.

That statistic is further exemplified by the known fact that on Continue reading “Massachusetts Casino Trends Survey Reveals Some Surprises”

New Mexico Tribes Fight to Ban Online Gambling

New Mexico Tribes Fight to Ban Online Gambling

Blackmail is such an ugly word, but it’s difficult to experience a new Navajo Nations gambling compact with the state of New Mexico in almost any other light; this new agreement, now being negotiated, would effortlessly allow the tribe to withhold any slot machine revenue due the Land of Enchantment should state legislators put through laws that could allow for online poker, or any other as a type of Web casino gambling, for that matter.

Brand New Navajo Compact

The Navajos are agreeing not to provide online gambling by themselves without state or federal sanctioning of such off-reservation activity. As the reality of federal passage of almost any online gambling legislation becomes dimmer by the day, this indicates not likely the tribe will have to worry about renegotiating, but if this ever happens, they could then review and revise the regards to their slots revenue-sharing deal with brand new Mexico.

Under the existing terms of the compact, non-tribal slots are restricted to simply racetracks and fraternal/veterans teams; poker, however, has no restrictions that are such. Should the Navajo tribe decide to start their online gambling venture, exactly the same revenue-sharing arrangement utilizing the state would apply, excepting poker earnings.

Governor’s Workplace Speaks Up

Sticking up for her bread-and-butter, New Mexico governor Susana Martinez recently told the Albuquerque Journal that she’s convinced the Navajo’s land g Continue reading “New Mexico Tribes Fight to Ban Online Gambling”